The Time Of Power is Now!
Watchword for 2018: "For he is our peace, who hath made both one,
and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;" (Ephesians 2:14)

Monthly Archives: November 2009

    The Christian race is a race we cannot run without the power of the Spirit. And that power comes by prayer. A true christian will run the christian race with the power of the Holy Spirit. The power of the holyspirit is necessary because the devil seeks to steal, kill and destroy anyone that confesses that he/ she is ready to live for Christ.
   In Acts 1:8 Jesus said that we shall receive power after the Holy spirit is come upon us. We need the baptism of the Holy spirit for the "pentecostal power of God." During the time of the apostles in the upper room the they waited on the promise of the Father which is the Holy Spirit of God. When the spirit of God came on them, they received POWER to BECOME witnesses for the Lord.
We are in a time where only those with the power of the Holy Spirit can and will survive.
The power of the Holy Spirit IS the ANOINTING. The presence of God is the glory of God but the presence brings the unction of the Holy Spirit. When we come into the presence of God we come by faith and in his presence we know the power of the Spirit of God.We need the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to function as vessels of the Almighty God. In the book of 1John 2:27, it talks about the anointing which we have received that will teach us how to abide in Christ.
The power of the Spirit is what we need to defeat the enemy and be victorious through Christ in this world because the power of God never fails.

When God created the heavens and the earth, he made man but did not leave him to be alone he made woman out of man Gen. 21- 25.He made the woman out of the rib of man.Women have played a tremendous part in this world because the impact they have made cannot be forgotten. If we look at the life of some characters in the bible we will see for example the life of Mary, we would see that through her our Lord and Savior was born(Luke 1:28).She was highly favored among women. Jesus had to come into the world to save man from sin. She was a virgin and she gave birth to the Savior supernaturally(Matt.1:23).
Throughout history, women have been used by God and they are still be used by God in this day and age. In the book of prov.31, the bible tells us of what a virtous woman goes about business daily. Through mary our Lord and Savior was born. God knew a woman had to be made so that the Savior could be born into this world. In the book of Esther, we see another example of a woman of substance, a godly woman.Usually, the woman in scriptures is someone who is connected to the birth of a savior or is someone who plays the role of a savior. Women of today are should look at these godly women of the bible and try to be like them. For christian women, they ought to be godly and seeking to please the Lord.Women need not pay too much attention to the outward appearance but should pay attention to the inward beauty. Natural beauty is good and God-given, but God needs the inner beauty more than the outward appearance.
Women of God are supposed to adorn their hearts more than outward appearance(1Tim.2:9-11).
Jesus spoke with several women like Martha, Mary the brother of Lazarus and related with them and they served him and they were touched by the Master and their needs were met.The bible referred to them for they played a role no one else could have played in the history of mankind.
God loved the world so much that Jesus had to come and he had to come through a woman.When Moses was about to be born, a deliverer, he came through a woman. There are so many references to women in the bible that we could look at today. God is still able to make godly women out of women of today if they are willing to yield themselves to the Lord.

Part 1

What do people seek for in life? Do people seek God? Or do they just choose to receive Christ because their friend has done so? Do they really want to have a relationship with God through Christ or do they just seek the benefits of knowing Christ without true desire of knowing God intimately?

Many people are like that but we should not just follow people because of what they seek for in christianity. We must have convictions, our convictions not other people’s beliefs. Christianity has its benefits but its not just the benefits that matters but having a sincere desire to know God through Jesus. Then we can truly experience the living God because he is spirit and we cannot lie to God because he knows all things. He wants us to worship him in spirit and in truth(John 4:24).

Christianity is based on having a true relationship with the Lord and not just "playing church." Religion on the other hand is just like a "show off" of what we know about God. Some people know about God but don’t know God himself. Religion won’t get us anywhere but having a relationship with the Lord is worth heaven and earth.

All kinds of inventions and gadgets is filling the world but what is its true worth? Its good for now on earth but how long will it last? Its not the same thing as eternal life(John 3:16) and believing God because all these things will end someday but eternal life is forevermore. Its good using these things but its not the same as eternal life. People who don’t have Christ in their lives don’t know what eternal life is worth. If we truly know God and know what eternal life is worth then we would appreciate life better and hope for eternity.We must recognize the value of eternal life, know its worth and keep it.

Part 2 

There’s the quest for wealth and respect in the society in the world today. There’s the quest to be secured and be significant in the world but there’s something greater. Many things are happening in the world today but what does the bible have to say about this things? There are accidents, marital problems, sexual abuse, homosexuality and crime in the society today but what does the bible say about this things?

The bible is not silent about these things because the book of 2Tim.3:1-5 addresses these issues. There are answers to these problems in the bible but are people in the world looking for answers? Yes, man is always looking for answers in the world today. But is man looking in the right place?The answers to these problems are in the bible and man has to find it there. The book of timothy tells us that in the last days, there shall be perilous times and people will love themselves rather than love God, they will seek to go their own way rather than God’s way.All these questions have answers. JESUS is the answer to all these questions! As long as man wants answers to these questions, man will find them in Christ.

Man must seek God and find him because he can be sought through a divine relationship through Christ.He loves us but does man recognize this?Yes and man should accept the love which he has shown. There’s no other way but Christ because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). No one can even approach God without Christ. He is the only way to salvation (Acts 4:12).


     When we come to the Lord, we must walk with him (1John 1:7).When we have fellowship with him we are in the light because we can see ourselves in christ and we know who we are in him (1Pet.2:9). We must see ourselves the way God sees us.When we do, we will do the things God expects from us. Prayer is very vital to the christian life. Its the source of our christian faith.We need to pray so that we can become alive in christ. Without prayer our walk with God is lifeless.Nobody has friends without communicating with them. Prayer is a response to God’s words that we should" ask, and it shall be given you (Matt.7:7)."We must never let one day go by without praying to the Lord.

Prayer is very important, through prayer we communicate with our heavenly Father.It is the source of our spiritual life though we may not know how to pray sometimes but the Spirit helps our infirmities by helping us to pray according to the will, plan and purpose of God(Rom.8:26). The Spirit helps us to intercede during prayer and helps us to make intercession for the saints of God according to the will of God.

We must as children of God pray fervently to be able to stand and to be able to intercede for the saints as well.