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Watchword for 2018: "For he is our peace, who hath made both one,
and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;" (Ephesians 2:14)

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Day 1; Saturday 04/06/2011:

In the Name of Jesus:
I will praise God among many people
I will give thanks to God in the great congregation
God’s praise shall be on my tongue forever
God’s praise shall be lifted up in my life
God be highly exalted above the heavens.
I declare my body as a lively stone of praise for God
Lord God, put on me the Garment of praise.
I confess that glory and honour are in God’s presence; grant me strength and gladness for praise
Father, I shall praise You continually, and my lips shall bring forth your praises.
Father, I will burst into appointed praise, and all the people shall shout with me, with the voice of joy.
Father, turn my spirit of heaviness into that of gladness and praises, for Your miracles.
Father, let my offering of thanksgiving and my sacrifice of praise be acceptable to you, in Christ Jesus.

Day 2; Sunday 05/06/2011:

In Jesusí Name:
I pray for forgiveness of all my sins, according to the riches of Christ’s Mercy
Father, forgive my sins and blot out the consequences of my sins.
Lord Jesus, forgive me of all my sins and cleanse me of every unrighteousness.
Father, let there be a wide gulf between me and sin.
Father, be merciful to my unrighteousness.
Father, by the power in the blood of Jesus, let my sins and iniquities go into the sea of forgetfulness.
Father, take me far away from the iniquities of my parents.
Father, let not the sins of the wicked dominate my life.
Father, I receive the joy of repentance as my inheritance.
Father, I receive the joy of Christ’s forgiveness.
Father, I pray for grace to forgive those who have offended me.
Father, make the blood of Jesus to flow throughout my body, for refreshment of my soul and spirit.

Day 3; Monday 06/06/2011

In Jesus’ Name:
God, make Yourself known to me once again, as my Sanctifier.
God, breathe a new life of holiness into me.
God, proclaim your power of holiness in me, for a multiplication of miracles.
God, make me holy in every way.
God, make my whole spirit, soul and body free from the pollutions of this age.
God, keep me holy for your Son, Jesus Christ.
God, because I am your sanctuary, make me pure enough to provoke answers to my prayers.
Come, Holy Spirit, and make me an ambassador of Holiness.
Come, Holy Spirit, and make me an ambassador of holy miracles.
Come, Holy Spirit, and multiply the power of holiness in me.
Come, Holy Spirit, and make me to step up on the ladder of holiness.
Come, Holy Spirit, and make holiness my natural habitation.

Day 4; Tuesday 07/06/2011

In Jesus Name:
Come, Holy Spirit, and impart the fullness of joy into me.
Come, Holy Spirit, and bring multiplication of testimonies to my life.
Come, Holy Spirit, and impart the love of God in me and my family.
Come, Holy Spirit, and fill me up to the brim, in Jesus Name.
Come, Holy Spirit, and impart in me and my family, the hope of greater things to come, in Jesus’ Name.
Come, Holy Spirit, and make me whole; produce the multiplication of twelve miracles of healing, breakthrough and power in me and my family, in Jesus’ Name.
Come, Holy Spirit, and make me whole; produce the multiplication of twelve miracles of financial breakthrough, anointed promotion, and unspeakable joy, in me and my family, in Jesus’ Name.
Come, Holy Spirit, and be my Comforter, by refreshing my soul with knowledge and wisdom.
Come, Holy Spirit, and bring answers to all my prayers today.
Come, Holy Spirit, and reveal to me things to come, in fulfillment of God’s promises.
Come, Holy Spirit, and counsel me into the land of my fruitfulness.
Come, Holy Spirit, and bring the words of Christ to my remembrance.

Day 5; Wednesday 08/06/2011

I receive all these blessings in Jesus’ Name:
The blessing of love
The blessing of peace
The blessing of pleasant joy
The blessing of wisdom for financial breakthrough
The blessing of been nearer to God
The blessing of discernment for goodness without sorrow
The blessing of celebration of good news
The blessing for holy celebration
The blessing of a glorious strength for good success
The blessings of answered prayers
Spiritual blessings for earthly refreshment

Day 6; Thursday 09/06/2011

I receive all these blessings in Jesus Name:
The blessings for my calling
The blessing of goodness all the day
The blessing of divine peace
The blessing of unconditional love
The blessing of unspeakable joy
The blessing of Abraham
The blessing of great nations
The blessing of great success
The blessing of good success
The blessing of spiritual heritage
The blessing of God- sufficiency
The blessing of God- abundance

Day 7; Friday 10/06/2011

I receive all these blessings, in Jesus’ Name:
The blessing for those who believe that the Lord would do all He has promised.
The blessing for those who believe in the Second Coming of Christ Jesus.
The blessing for those who believe in the Name of Jesus.
The blessing for those who believe in heavenly blessings.
The blessing for those who believe in open heavens.
The blessing for those who believe in exceedingly abundant supplies of God.
The blessing for those who believe in great supplies of God that are beyond human understanding.
The blessing for those who believe in the goodness of our LORD JESUS
The blessing for those who believe in the Scripture: "touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm"
The blessing for those who believe in God’s words for all nations, through Christ Jesus, our Lord.
The blessing for those who believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The blessing for those who believe in what God can do at all times.

Day 8; Saturday 11/06/2011

I receive all these blessings in Jesus Name;
The blessing of happiness for those who are declared righteous by God
The blessing of joy for those who sins are forgiven
The blessing of mercy for those whose sins are put out of God’s sight
The blessing of joy for those whose record the LORD has cleared of guilt
The blessing of imputed righteousness for those whose faith are counted for righteousness
The blessings of eternal peace and joy for those who are in a right relationship with God
The blessing of old things turning into new for those who are called to enjoy God, by reason of their faith.
The blessing of compassions for those who are called to enjoy the faithfulness of God
The blessing of eternal love for those who wait for the help of the eternal God
The blessing of possibilities for those who believe that with God, everything is possible
The blessing of healing possibilities for those who believe in the power of the healing God
The blessing of possibilities from heaven for those who love the power of eternal possibilities in the Almighty God.

Day 9; Sunday 12/06/2011

In Jesus’ Name, I receive the blessings of:
Continuous hope in the power of the Holy Spirit
Continuous help in the power of the Holy Spirit
Sound health in the power of the Holy Spirit
Obedience in the words of the LORD
Great end in God.
My expectations shall not be cut off
Knowledge and wisdom for my soul
Grace to praise when hope seems deferred
Godís countenance for divine assurance.
Strength of good courage for divine reassurance.
Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulations; continuing instant in prayers.
Learning through patience and comfort of the Scriptures for divine assurance.

Day 10; Monday 13/06/2011

In Jesus’ Name, I receive the following:
Special favour from Christ Jesus for becoming a special object of God’s favour
Mercy because of God’s favour
A spiritual life lives in God’s favour
Spiritual wisdom yielding God’s favour
Favour in the midst of hatred
Mercy and truth for God’s favour.
Favour for great solutions
Father empower me with favour.
Father God strengthen me with favour.
Father God gives me victorious favour.
Father God preserves me by His favour.
Father God send visit the camp of the enemy with defeat and destruction

Day 11; Tuesday 14/06/2011

In Jesus’ Name:
Lord Jesus, do marvelous things in my life today
Lord Jesus, make Your marvelous Hands work marvelous things in my life today
Father God, make signs and wonders my natural habitat.
Father God, make my environment conducive for miracles
Father God, come and manifest Your power in my life today
Father God, come and reign in me with signs and wonders
Father God, make miraculous experiences happen to me today, as evidence of Your divine commission.
Father God, place Your miraculous Hands on me today
Father God, shower Your wonders on me and my family today
Holy Ghost, come with power and brings to me miracles for today
Holy Ghost, come with power and gives me faith for miracles.
Holy Ghost, come with power and give me miracles of healing and financial breakthrough

Day 12; Wednesday 15/06/2011

In Jesus’ Name:
Father Lord, let there be great exchange; where the mantle of praise would replace the spirit of heaviness.
Father Lord, empower me to return with songs of joy.
Father Lord, make gladness and joy to overtake me.
Father Lord, let sorrow and mourning flee from me.
Father Lord, let there be a great release of comfort, with testimonies of joy in my mouth.
Lord Jesus, let there be great rejoicing, as You turn again my captivity.
Lord Jesus, help me to return to You with all my heart and with all my soul.
Lord Jesus, let the land of my captivity be desolate.
Lord Jesus, let the joy of Your Name manifest always in Your congregation.
Lord Jesus, let Your power lead captive a host of captors, and give me gifts of freedom and joy.
Lord Jesus, give me Joy as a gift.
Lord Jesus, give me the grace to cultivate Joy as a fruit


For additional prayer points, download the Various Prayers Breakthrough document

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The Foundation which bears my name and which I began less than a year ago is dedicated to achieving understanding, action and reconciliation between the different faiths for the common good. It is not about the faith that looks inward; but the faith that resolutely turns us towards each other.

Bringing the faith communities together fulfils an objective important to all of us, believers and non-believers.

But as someone of faith, this is not enough. I believe restoring religious faith to its rightful place, as the guide to our world and its future, is itself of the essence. The 21st Century will be poorer in spirit, meaner in ambition, less disciplined in conscience, if it is not under the guardianship of faith in God.

I do not mean by this to blur the correct distinction between the realms of religious and political authority. In Britain we are especially mindful of this. I recall giving an address to the country at a time of crisis. I wanted to end my words with "God bless the British people". This caused complete consternation. Emergency meetings were convened. The system was aghast. Finally, as I sat trying to defend my words, a senior civil servant said, with utter distain: "Really, Prime Minister, this is not America you know."

Neither do I decry the work of humanists, who give gladly of themselves for others and who can often shame the avowedly religious. Those who do God’s work are God’s people.

I only say that there are limits to humanism and beyond those limits God and only God can work. The phrase "fear of God" conjures up the vengeful God of parts of the Old Testament. But "fear of God" means really obedience to God; humility before God; acceptance through God that there is something bigger, better and more important than you. It is that humbling of man’s vanity, that stirring of conscience through God’s prompting, that recognition of our limitations, that faith alone can bestow.

We can perform acts of mercy, but only God can lend them dignity. We can forgive, but only God forgives completely in the full knowledge of our sin.

And only through God comes grace; and it is God’s grace that is unique.

John Newton, who had been that most obnoxious of things, a slave-trader, wrote the hymn "Amazing Grace".

"Twas Grace that taught my heart to fear. And Grace, my fears relieved."

It is through faith, by the Grace of God, that we have the courage to live as we should and die as we must.

When I was Prime Minister I had cause often to reflect on leadership. Courage in leadership is not simply about having the nerve to take difficult decisions or even in doing the right thing since oftentimes God alone knows what the right thing is.

It is to be in our natural state – which is one of nagging doubt, imperfect knowledge, and uncertain prediction – and to be prepared nonetheless to put on the mantle of responsibility and to stand up in full view of the world, to step out when others step back, to assume the loneliness of the final decision-maker, not sure of success but unsure of it.

And it is in that "not knowing" that the courage lies.

And when in that state, our courage fails, our faith can support it, lift it up, keep it from stumbling.

As you begin your leadership of this great country, Mr President, you are fortunate, as is your nation, that you have already shown in your life, courage in abundance. But should it ever be tested, I hope your faith can sustain you. And your family. The public eye is not always the most congenial.

I was reminded of this, as I waited in London in the snow to fly to America and made the mistake of reading a British newspaper. It was the very conservative Daily Telegraph. A few days ago I gave an interview in which I remarked how much cleverer my wife was than me. The Telegraph has a famous letters page. In it was a letter from a correspondent that read something like: "Dear Sir, with reference to your headline ‘Blair admits wife more intelligent than him’, I fail to see why this is news. Most of us have known this for a long time." As a PS perhaps: "the bar, however, has not been set high".

I finish where I began: in the Holy Land, at Mount Nebo in Jordan, where Moses gazed on the Promised Land. There is a chapel there, built by pilgrims in the 4th Century. The sermon was preached by an American, who spent his life as an airline pilot and then, after his wife’s death, took holy orders. His words are the words of a Christian but they speak to all those of faith, who want God’s grace to guide their life.

He said this:

"While here on earth, we need to make a vital decision … whether to be mere spectators, or movers and shakers for the Kingdom of God… whether to stay among the curious, or take up a cross. And this means: no standing on the sidelines … We’re either in the game or we’re not. I sometimes ask myself the question: If I were to die today, what would my life have stood for… The answer can’t be an impulsive one, and we all need to count the cost before we give an answer. Because to be able to say yes to one thing, means to say no to many others. But we must also remember, that the greatest danger is not impulsiveness, but inaction."

It is fitting at this extraordinary moment in your country’s history that we hear that call to action; and we pray that in acting we do God’s work and follow God’s will.

And by the way, God bless you all.